26 de abril de 2017

# Closer

Skin: .:[PUMEC] :.-.:Molly:.- /February\ - SKIN (Catwa) -L8 EXCLUSIVE
Ears: [PUMEC] :. - / Mesh Ears\ - LITTLE STAR @Tres Chic

19 de abril de 2017

# Wait

Pose: ~Reel Poses-  Pack 23 -02 /For Bento Hands @Black Fair

Hair: .Besom. New Girl
Outfit: .:Scandalize:. Jana FatPack /Group Gift

17 de abril de 2017

# Stare

Hair: little bones: Olympia
Top: -SU!- Nap Queen Top Godzilla
Panty: -SU!- Nap Queen Panty Leopard Print
Tattoo: Identity: Stay Gold

13 de abril de 2017

                  ~Reel Poses - Pack 06 
Shoes:[ VERSOV ] LOPOV_Sneakers_Black & Blue (BOX)

# Hanako

 Lipstick: ** [PUMEC]  -  Lipstick Pack #7

Outfit: Luas Hanako Gacha - T he Epiphany - Mirror Sim 
Deco:  Aphrodite Zen Japanese Garden

10 de abril de 2017

Shirt: Cold-Ash Mens MESH TYLER Tank Top
Pants: BlnakLine CargoPants (FAT)
Shoes: Deadwool - Chase sneakers-Black

6 de abril de 2017

# My Rules

Hair: -FABIA- Mesh Hair  < Bella> Unnaturals Tones @Black Fair
Skin: --- [PUMEC]  - #11  - January - CATWA SKIN
Tattoo: Roses Strewn  [CAROL G] @Black Fair
Outfit: [Cynful] Bloom Blouse & Skirt @ C88 (Open 8th April)

1 de abril de 2017

# Flavors

Hair:  Lamb. Dust Bunnies - Pastel Pack
Lipstick: ** [PUMEC]  -  Lipstick Pack #9 
Top: [Cynful] Ness Tank Top - Fatpack 
PantsNS::  Sweet Skinny Jeans

Icecream Truck: <Heart Homes> Icecream Truck SPECIAL EDITION @Sanarae

26 de marzo de 2017

# Learn with me

Hair: Lamb - Baby Blue
Eyes: ###  [PUMEC]  -  / Mesh Eyes \   - PACK #3
Lipstick: ** [PUMEC]  -  Lipstick Pack #7 
Glasses: {Blossom} Glasses Sport 
Rings: [PUMEC] - Rings Set #1 - For VISTA HANDS @Tres Chic
Outfit: [Cynful] Take Note Set @Kinky Event

21 de marzo de 2017

# Passion

Hair: no.match: ~ NO_KINGDOM ~ @ The Men Only
Pants: : .:PARKER:. MIYAZAKI  @ uber
Boot: UC Limited_Edition_Black_fringe
Hair: Tableau Vivant: Valentine (Group gift)
Harness: Phedora: Essie @ Kustom9
Boot: CK: UMA

17 de marzo de 2017

# Bunny

Pose: -Reel Poses. Bunny.  For Bento Hands - Group Gift!!

Hair: .Beusy. Icon Mesh Hair & Cap
Jersey: [Pumpkin] Crop Baseball Jersey /@kustom9
Tied Sweatshirt: .:villena:.  shirt off /@kustom9

13 de marzo de 2017

8 de marzo de 2017

# It's my time

Earrings: [Cynful] Chilli Jersey Earrings 
Necklace: [Cynful] Chilli Jersey Necklace
Top: [Cynful] Bombshell Top @C88
Pants: [Cynful] Bombshell Pants  @C88

5 de marzo de 2017

# Keep Calm

Hair: .: fiore :. DRAMATICS Pony - Color Ombres @Vs Event
Skin: ##  [PUMEC]  -  RARE  -  March -  @TFC
Tattoo: **PerveTTe* [Tattoo] Sweet Liberty @Skin Fair 
Lipstick: ###  [PUMEC]  -  / Lipstick  #10 \   - @TFC
Ears: .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Mesh Ears\   -  L -  #3 @TFC
Glasses: .:[PUMEC] :.  - / Vintage glasses\ <3 @The Crossroads
Bikini: [AB] Lipa Bikini @WFC7

2 de marzo de 2017

# Be Selfish

Hair: :::Phoenix::: Tiana Hair V1
Lips: ** [PUMEC]  - Matte Lipstick #6
Choker: **PerveTte* Delicate Choker [Black] @Kinky Event
Bikini: [AB] Lipa Bikini @WCF7
Pose & Decor : *CS* Cigar @WCF7

18 de febrero de 2017

16 de febrero de 2017

# Let it go

Hair: *Besom~New Girl *Wash out*
Lips: ** [PUMEC]  -  Lipstick Pack #9 
Shirt: KITJA - Kerca Shirt RED
Backpack: NS::  BOHO GYPSY BACKPACK @The Hipster Fair 
Glasses: [Z O O M] Aviator 2017 : Rustic @TMD

# Family

On me:

Hair: *Besom~Lipgloss *Browns*
Necklace: [Cynful] Chilli Jersey Necklace @Rewind Event 
Top: [Cynful] Chilli Jersey  @Rewind Event 

14 de febrero de 2017

# 50 Shades Darker

Pose: -Reel Poses. Pack 22- 03.

Hair: Beusy. The Simple Style /Gatcha @kustom9
Blindfold: .Addams. /Group Gift
Tattoo: Carol G. Unalome /Group Gift

13 de febrero de 2017

11 de febrero de 2017

# 90s remember

Hair: little bones. Olympia - The Light
Glasses: Luas 90s Remember - Heart Sunglasses Purple @Rewind Event 
Earrings: [Cynful] Chilli Jersey Earrings @Rewind Event 
Top: Luas 90s Remember - Crop Top Pink @Rewind Event 
Jeans: Blueberry - Melanie -


Serenity Style- A love touch room divider @The Liaison Collaborative
Serenity Style- A love touch cabinet @The Liaison Collaborative
Serenity Style- Vintage Games Queen Frame @The Liaison Collaborative
Serenity Style- A love touch chair @The Liaison Collaborative
Luas 90s Remember - Acid House Backpack Pink @Rewind Event 
Luas 90s Remember - Virtual Pet Game Yellow @Rewind Event 
Luas 90s Remember - Funny Game Pink @Rewind Event 

6 de febrero de 2017

# Playful Girls

On Indi:

Headband: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Headband :: ZUNI :: @Fetish Fair
Corset: ED. Belial  Black @Fetish Fair
 Pasties: ED. DiamondFlower Pasties @Fetish Fair
Bottom : GizzA - Yummy Hearts Bikini Bottom [Black] @Fetish Fair
Shoes: Essenz - Fetish Fair @Fetish Fair

On Rebu:

Hair: :::Phoenix::: Tiana Hair Blogger&Friends  @C88
Ears:  ^^Swallow^^ Gauged Ears @Fetish Fair
Outfit:  *MC* Adored Teddy @Fetish Fair
Boots: Phedora / Evelyn Boots / 26 C.@Fetish Fair

Poses: BellePoses - Mask Fetish @Fetish Fair

+Spellbound+ The Oubliette Skybox @Fetish Fair
.Birch Long Distance Lover - Dildo w/ Porn @Kinky Event
[NikotiN] Cigarette Butts (01)

30 de enero de 2017

# Twerk it!

Pose: - Reel Poses - Shake it! /Group Gift
On Me
Hair:. Truth . Jojo 
Bra: -Blueberry- Oakley /#10 Gatcha Common
Pants: ..S.. Peril Thong Shorts
Trainers: [VALE KOER] The Vasiform /Group Gift
Socks: [VALE KOER] Thermal Socks /Goup Gift

27 de enero de 2017

# My Time

Hair: little bones. Elle - The Light
Skin: PUMEC | Shiny Shabby
Outfit: NS::  Misu Set :3 
Coffee: Aphrodite Latte 
Pose: Reel Poses - My Time


Golden Aphrodite Phone (For choose your favorite coffee)
Kitchen: <Heart Homes> French Country Kitchen

25 de enero de 2017

# Play.

Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Ivy hair - Browns 
Skin: .:[PUMEC] :.-.:Dominika:.- /May\ -  @Cosmetic Fair
Lipstick: ** [PUMEC]  -  Lipstick Pack #9 -   @Tres Chic
Outfit: Luas Rosanne @Kinky Event
Pose: ~Reel Poses - Lick Me

3 de enero de 2017

# Pasaran

Hair: Lamb - Baby Blue
Skin: .:[PUMEC] :. - .:YUI:. -  /  January - May \  - SKIN (Catwa) @The Forest
Choker: .BF. Nayra Set Rose @Cosmopolitan
Pose:  ~Reel Poses - Pack 21 - 05